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Online availability of drugs in Delhi hospitals

There are 67 locations (hospitals and warehouses) listed on Delhi Govt website where anyone can search the availability of drugs. Follow these simple steps to search for drug availability. 

1. Go to: 

2. Select the Hospital name from drop-down. Pin-Code is given with hospital name such that you can identify the nearby hospital in case you are not sure about its location. Even though if you don't know where the hospital is located, search on Google Maps by typing hospital name and pin code. 

3. Type the item or drug name. If any of three consecutive characters (e.g. ace) are matched with existing drug in list, its name will appear in the popup (please be patient, it might be slow depending on your network) and select the name you are looking for. If you are not sure about spell of drug name, you can see the list of available drug by clicking here

4. After selecting drug name, click on Show Store Position and drug availability will appear. The search will show Item Code, Item Name, Item Type, Form, Strength Specification and Current available quantity in the selected hospital. In addition, it also shows the report date and time such that you can verify at the hopital while you are at the hospital queue. 

5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 to see availability at another hospital or repeat steps 3 to 4 to see availability of another drug at the same hospital. 

This is it, next time you are planning to pick your prescription drug, or with doctor while the drug is being prescribed, please check its availability in nearby hospital. If drug is not available, you can request doctor to prescribe an available alternative. If it shows that drug is not available in the particular hospital, you can save your and other's time. 

Please share such that we all know about this service and its application. 


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In addition to these surgeries, government of Delhi also offers free medicines, medical tests including CT and MRI scans. Government hospitals in the capital, over 100 mohalla clinics and polyclinics are treating patients for free. Some of the tests are free for patients of low income families. A list of 52 surgeries provided for free by Delhi government and list of 48 private hospitals where these can be operated are given below. 

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BHU has a large campus, lot of programs and students. In the year 2007, we gathered for the  convocation in order to receive our degrees. The venue was packed full and students were everywhere. We were not able to see main guests and our professors. Then the chief guest started addressing the students. Because he was far and out of our line of sight, so we gathered around the nearby loudspeaker and started listening to his inspirational speech. He was our beloved and favourite President Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. That was the dream convocation one can imagine. 

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